Sex Workers and problems they face

In this section, I posted some of my published articles about the continued mistreatment sex workers face. Throughout time, this community has not received the help they need. There were no laws protecting sex workers from assaults. Read how these women had to rely on that profession to keep from being homeless and to keep their children from starving. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Melanie Dante who exposed me to this world.

I placed some of my sex worker articles on separate pages. I provided links to all of my published sex workers articles here.

here, along with brief descriptions.

1. My article about sex workers being human resources

My article where I wrote about two significant December 17 events:
A. Dec. 17 1942 was the only time during the Holocaust where the Allies made a public condemnation of Hitler’s murder of the Jews.
B. Dec. 17 is The International Day to end Violence against Sex Workers

My article about COVid-19 hurting the sex workers’ industry

Last year, I interviewed the author Talia Carner after her book The Third Daughter was published. I interviewed her. The book was about how poor Jewish women in the 19th century  in Russia were tricked into becoming sex workers. It was based on true events taking place: